Galileo Milano Ensemble

Galileo Milano II

NEW! Now Available!

The Milano II by Galileo combines advanced piano technologies and ensemble features at an ultra-affordable price. Designed to meet the high standards of European tradition, the Milano II is an ideal instru- ment for music education, performance and entertainment. The Milano II is loaded with features including a palette of over 138 built-in sounds and 100 different rhythm styles. You can add ‘intros’, ‘endings’ and ‘fills’ as well as record your own compositions on the built-in Multi-track sequencer. The graded-hammer action keyboard simulates the mechanics of an acoustic piano to help develop finger agility. There’s a USB-computer connection & SD Card drive for recording and playback as well as a convenient iPod® Dock (for audio playback)! All functions are easily displayed in a large back-lit LCD display screen. The beautiful designed ebony polish cabinets feature elegant acoustic- piano styling and matching piano bench. The Milano II by Galileo - Maximum features at an affordable price!


88 Graded Hammer Keys
PCM Stereo Sampling with GM/GS compatibility & 16MB grand piano sample
Over 138 Instruments + 8 Drum Kits & SFX
64 Note Polyphony
Play Modes include Full, Split & Layer
100+ Styles with Variations (Singled, Fingered and Pianist Modes)
50 Built-in Songs (SongBook Included!)
10 Reverb Effects
8 Chorus Effects
4 Touch sensitivity settings
40 Watts Sound System - 4 Speakers
Connections: USB, Stereo Audio Inputs, Stereo Audio Outputs, Microphone Input, 2 Headphones, SD Card Drive
High Contrast graphic LCD, 128X64 Pixels
Controls: Real Time Volume Sliders, Transpose, Tune, Tempo, Yes, No, Help, MIDI, Touch, Demo
9 Panel Memories
3 Full-Function Pedals (Damper, Soft, Sostenuto-Programmable)
4 Song, 3 Track Sequencer - Savable to SD Card Drive
iPod Dock & SD Card Drive for Playback
Beautifully designed ebony polish finish including sliding key cover and matching bench
Dimensions: 34"HX56"WX20"D
Weight: 154 lbs.

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