Galileo VP-91 Portable

Same specs as the VP-111 piano

PVC White Portable Digital Piano
Italy imported FATAR keyboard, 88 Grand-ResponseTM key heavy hammer velocity-sensitive keys,
Touch intensity: soft - normal- hard
Sound source chip, the latest European AGE
64 Polyphony (stereo)
11 kinds of MIDI piano +5 combinations
8 Demonstration songs
Four kinds of reverb presets, 4 preset sound effects, one kinds of the traditional piano sound
Pedal: Damper, Soft, sostenuto
Sliding key cover, folding music stand
vioce function: whole , layer, split
Rhythm (6 types); modulation (-12 / +12); adjustable separator points, voice-assisted system
Power switch; volume control; metronome
Headphone (2); Auxiliary In (2) / Out(2); MIDI (in/ out/ through)
power supply : AC 110V
AMP: 2 * 22W
Size: 54 in. * 14 in. * 5 1/2 in.
Net Weight: 66 lbs.
Accessories included: power cord, user manual, warranty card, quality certificate

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