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          If you can’t understand why the prices of Electronic Organs have soared in the past decade, you aren’t alone. We at Harmony House could not believe the prices being charged in the Church Organs Sales arena. It seems that the out of state Dealer Networks have decided to jack up the prices, and let the Churches pay. To use an over used phrase, enough was enough, and we decided to do something about it. We got in contact with Church Organ Systems, the former Baldwin Organ Division of Baldwin Piano and Organ Company, and explained our situation in the Vermont area. After they verified the unusual circumstances, Church Organ Systems appointed us as their Dealer for Baldwin, Prestige, Prestige II, and Bevilacqua Pipe Organs from Italy, for this area that is, Vermont and selected parts of adjacent States. Since that first Dealership award, we have added the Ahlborn-Galanti Dealership to our product lines, and have been very pleased with both of these product lines. The features on these units, makes it difficult for the competition to match, even at much higher prices. Having been in the repair end of the business for twenty-five years in Vermont, we are not about to carry product lines that give us, and you, problems in operation or reliability. We choose our products very carefully.
           As the Vermont area Dealer, we have also run into some very strange “happenings” when quoting on Church Organ installations. We have been asked how much we pay as a “Bird Dog” fee, to people that turn over names of Churches interested in purchasing organs. This seems to be a very common practice for the out of State Companies trying to penetrate the Vermont Market. Some of these fees are a good percentage of the prices that Churches are paying for the organs. We at Harmony House don’t spend Church funds to pay for these practices.
           We have been asked what the Church is supposed to do with the old Organs. Seems the out of area Companies won’t take your old Organs in trade for the new ones. Once again, we can’t understand that thinking. In almost every instance when we take a trade-in Organ, we have a Church that will be pleased to keep it in service. There are many Churches in our area that still have the old pump organs (Estey Reed Organs and others) and are still used weekly. A good sounding, reliable, electronic organ, that you don’t have to pump, works out very nicely thank you. They have also been a good source of organs for the Organist’s home practice units. That’s where our trade-in organs go, and we appreciate them. Many of the trades are not worth returning to use, as they are a brand that has been costly to repair in past years. We weed out these units, and only use the organs that we know from years of experience, have not been problems. The results have been outstanding, and we will continue to follow this course.
           Prices? While the Competition is stuck in the high teens and low twenties for their small organs, we have three manual organs for that kind of price. The competition is around the ten thousand dollar price for their own brand trade-up used organs, while we have several new organs that sell below that price. We can see why the competition isn’t too happy with us. Can you?
           If your Church is within our area sales area, and you would consider purchasing a new Digital Electronic Organ, but were hesitant because of the cost, it won’t hurt to give us a call, and won’t cost you either. Just dial 1-802-773-2935, and ask for some literature in the price range of the organ that would fit your budget. That’s all it takes.
           We do have some Compact Disks of these pipe-like sounds in the new Digital organs. Give us a call at 1-802-773-2935 and ask for one of the CD’s to be sent to you. You won’t believe what you hear when you play these CD’s. These Organs are second to none in tonal quality.
           We hope you have gained some knowledge from this note. Our best wishes for your Spiritual Family, and we hope to hear from each and every one of you.
                                                                                        Thanks for your time,
                                                                                                                          Arnold and Juliet Clough
                                                                                                                          Harmony House

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