THE NEW BENCHMARK in Electronic Organs
The Electronic Organ for Pipe Organ People™

29 speaking stops programmable from a selection of 147 independently voiceable stops
that are Powered by DRAKE™ technology.
5 interactive stop lists™ - Programmable Channeling Memories - 3-D Chamber Layout™
Solo Coupler, Sub & Super Couplers
8 audio outputs with 5 band digital EQ on each output pair
An elegant wooden console with deluxe bench including music storage compartment
Wooden pedal sharps highlight the AGO pedal board


Advanced Sampled Wave Processing®
29 Stops- 147 Independently Voiceable Stops available in total
Interactive Stop Lists™(5 - one original and 4 User Programmable)
Selectable On-Board Additional Sounds for each Division
Wooden Roll Top with Key-Lock
Deluxe Bench with Music Storage Shelf
Lighted Pedalboard
Wooden Pedal Sharps
Velocity Sensitive Tracker Touch Keyboards
12 General Pistons, 6 Divisional Pistons and 40 Memory Levels
Piston Sequencer, 500 positions
Pistons Coupled
Return to Handset Registration
Programmable Tutti (5 - one original and one for each Interactive Stop ListTM)
Memory Lock
Lighted Toe Stud Pistons
Tracker Touch Control
Manual Assignments
Stop by Stop adjustable Windchest Layout
Note by Note, Stop by Stop Regulation
Note by Note Pitch adjustment for Celeste Stops
Adjustable Tremulants for Great & Swell
Song Sequencer
Disk Drive
Interactive Programmer™ (controls functions by wireless remote control)
Control Panel (controls most of the organ functions)
20 x 4 LCD display
Selectable Historic Temperaments
Programmable Temperaments with 4 memories
12 Step Transposer +/- 6 half steps
Automatic Pedal
Solo Coupler with selectable division, split and octave range
Super and Sub Couplers for Swell Manual
Pipe Stops ON/OFF
Digital Stops ON/OFF
Auto Pipe Tracking™
The Electronic Organ for Pipe Organ People™
Internal 3-Channel speaker and amplifi cation system 150w Bass, 2 x 70w mid-range & treble
Independent 5 Band Equalizer for internal speaker system
8 Independent Output Channels (4 pairs)
User Programmable Digital AcousticsTM- Reverb/Effects with four memories
User Programmable Independent 5 band Equalizer on each output pair
3-D Chamber LayoutT™
Main OFF/Antiphonal ON
Stop by Stop Channelling (windchest confi guration and outputs internal and/or external (1 - 4)
Interactive ChannellingT™ (5 - one original and one for each Interactive ChannellingT™ Stop)
Swell Expression Shoe
Adjustable Swell Expression Range
Selectable Expression Mode (mechanical or 8 stage)
Programmable 20 step Crescendo (for each stop list)
Great and Pedal Volume Sliders
Stop by Stop Selectable Expression
Programmable Great and Pedal Enclosed
AUX IN 1 (with level control for use with microphones or other audio device)
Computer Serial Port
Headphone Jack
MIDI commands programmable on Pistons (General and Divisional)
Programmable MIDI channels, IN and OUT, for MIDI 1
(MIDI OUT controlled by “MIDI ON” stops)
Programmable MIDI channels, IN and OUT, for MIDI 2
Programmable PIPE MIDI Channels for use with POMI
MIDI 1 IN, OUT and Thru
MIDI 2 IN, OUT and Thru
MIDI IN fi lters for MIDI 1 and MIDI 2
MIDI OUT fi lters for MIDI 1 and MIDI 2
MIDI sustain on toe stud
Available in Dark or Light Oak Finish, with Lighted Rocker Tablets
Optional Wooden Keyboards Available
Ten Year Limited Warranty covers parts for ten (10) years as specifi ed
by the Ahlborn-Galanti Warranty Policy
ETL- Approved (meets UL-469 standards)
Complies with part 15 of the FCC rules
Dimensions: (w) 57.1in/145cm, (h) 45.3in/115cm, (d) 26.8in/68cm
Depth with Pedalboard - 41.7in/106cm Console Weight: 293lbs/133Kg


Pedal Stops   Great Stops   Swell Stops  
  Alternate Ped. voices   Alternate Great voices   Alternate Swell voices
Principal 16   Montre 16   Gedackt 8  
  Principal 16   Quintatön 16   Bourdon 8
  Violone 16 Principal 8     Flauto Cavo 8
Sub Bass 16     Principal 8
  Rohrflöte 8
  Bourdon 16   Prinzipal 8 Viole de Gambe 8  
Octave 8     Italian Principal 8   Viola da Gamba 8
  Principal 8   Montre 8   Violin Diapason 8
  Violoncello 8   Geigen Principal 8   Dulciana 8
Bass Flute 8     Diapason 8 Voix Céleste 8  
  Bourdon 8 Bourdon 8     Viola Céleste 8
  Gambe 8   Traverse Flute 8
  Violin Céleste 8
Choral Bass 4     Gedackt 8   Unda maris 8
  Super Octave 4   Flauto Cavo 8 Prestant 4  
  Nachthorn 4   Rohrflöte 8   Octave 4
Mixture IV   Octave 4     Octave 4
  Mixture V   Prestant 4
Koppelflöte 4  
Posaune 16     Octave 4   Flûte Conique 4
  Basson 16 Orchestral Flute 4     Orchestral Flute 4
  Bombarde 16   Flûte Conique 4
Nazard 2 2/3  
  Fagotto 16   Harmonic Flute 4   Quint 2 2/3
Trumpet 8     Koppelflöte 4   Sesquialtera II
  Trompette 8 Super Octave 2   Octavin 2  
Additional Stop Pedal ***     Doublette 2
  Doublette 2
Great to Pedal     Piccolo 2   Piccolo 2
Swell to Pedal     Blockflöte 2   Blockflöte 2
    Fourniture V   Plein Jeu IV  
*** Additional
Stop Pedal
    Mixture IV
  Cymbale IV
Untersatz 32      Mixture III   Cymbale V
Contrebasse 32     Scharf III Basson 16  
Contre Bombarde 32   Trumpet 8     Hautbois 16
Schalmei 4     Trompette 8
  Bombarde 16
Regal 4     Tromba 8 Trompette 8  
Timpani     Trompete 8  

Trumpet 8

Chimes   Additional Stop Great ***     Tromba 8
Zimbelstern   Tremulant     Trompete 8
    Swell to Great   Additional Stop Swell ***  
Stop Great
  Swell to Swell 16  
    Diapason 8   Swell to Swell 4  
    Montre 8   Swell off Swell  
    Gemshorn 8      
    Quint 2 2/3   ***Additional
Stop Swell
    Piccolo 2   Bourdon Doux 16
    Larigot 1 1/3   Geigen Principal 8  
    Sesquialtera II   Principal 8  
    Cymbale IV   Diapason 8  
    Cornopean 16
  Flûte Céleste II 8  
    Bombarde 16   Tierce 1 3/5
    Clarinet 8   Larigot 1 1/3  
    French Horn 8   Jeu de Clochette II  
    Krummhorn 8   Cymbale IV  
    Cromorne 8   Acuta III  
    Festival Trumpet 8   Cymbale III  
    Tuba 8   Hautbois 8
    Piccolo Trumpet   French Horn 8  
    Clairon 4   Clarinet 8  
    Schalmei 4   Krummhorn 8  
    Chimes   Cromorne 8  
    Zimbelstern   Voix Humaine 8  
    Harpsichord   Festival Trumpet 8  
    Harp/Celesta   Tuba 8  
    Piano   Piccolo Trumpet
    Gospel Organ (jazz)
  Clairon 4  
    Rhodes Piano   Schalmei 4  
    Brass Choir   Chimes  
    Orchestral Strings   Zimbelstern  
    Orchestral Strings   Harpsichord  
        Gospel Organ (jazz)  
        Rhodes Piano  
        Brass Choir  
        Orchestral Strings  

Additional Stop Tab Controls
Interactive Channeling 2-5
Interactive Stop List 2-5

Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Swell to Great

Swell to Swell 16
Swell to Swell 4
Swell off Swell

Additional Controls
Main Off
Antiphonal On

MIDI on Great
MIDI on Swell
MIDI on Pedal
MIDI Sustain
Automatic Pedal
Solo Coupler
Pistons Coupled

Pipe Ranks On/Off
Digital Ranks On/Off

12 General Pistons
6 Divisional Pistons
40 Memory Levels


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