The astonishing AG3200 by Ahlborn-Galanti, a masterpiece in classic organ design has arrived.

Our new AG3200 is not limited by factory set stop list specifications. Creating a stop list is personal and only limited by your imagination.

Interactive Stop Lists™ Power to the Organist

Our new AG3200 is not limited by factory set stop list specifications. Creating a stop list is personal and only limited by your imagination.

Working with our stop selection of 376 independently voiceable stops, your own personal specification may be saved to a stop list and changed even while playing.

Additional stop lists may be saved to disk and recalled when required.

With our Interactive Stop Lists™, five totally different stop specifications can easily be saved and recalled at the touch of a rocker tablet (one original and four on rocket tablets). A sparkling baroque organ with silvery principals and mixtures, articulate flues with tracker response and zimbelstern.

A French organ with sumptuous harmonic flutes, mutations and celestes. An English cathedral stop list with solo tubas, strings and full swell ensemble. And of course American classic featuring authentic characteristic reeds.

62 speaking stops are programmable from a selection of 376 independently voiceable stops. Multiple stop lists can be created by the organist & easily saved & recalled at the touch of a rocket tablet. These interactive stop lists give an organist the power to change or enhance the specification to meet the needs of various musical styles & worship traditions. Changes to the interactive stop lists can be made in advance, between pieces or even while playing.


Programmable Channeling Memories

Main and antiphonal Audio Channelling has the ability to easily program any sound through any or all of the external speakers. Changing this configuration by selection one of the 4 channelling memories (5 including original).

Example 1: The festival trumpet and reverb can be programmed to play thru the Antiphonal while the remaining organ speaks thru the Main.

Example 2: The entire organ thru the Main, or the Antiphonal, or both together and the reverb remains in the Antiphonal.

Example 3: The celestes and the reverb programmed to antiphonal while the remaining organ speaks thru the main.

Example 4: In situations where there are no antiphonal speakers, the internal console amplification could be used as the antiphonal.

To add even greater flexibility, these channelling stops may also be set on the General pistons and changed during performance.


3D Chamber Layout™

Takes our patented wind chest layout to another dimension.

In addition to selecting one of the many wind chest layouts, 3-D chamber layout‘ enables stops to speak from different “Depths” within the chamber (front to back).

3-D Chamber layout™ provides another level of authenticity to the Ahlborn-Galanti’s pipe acclaimed organ sound.

Digitally Enhanced Acoustics, programmable to a new level of quality is made possible by the power of DRAKE™.

Traditional Adjustable Tracker-Touch Wooden Keyboards

The Ahlborn-Galanti Tracker-Touch Wooden Keyboards have been designed and manufactured to meet the demanding standards and requirements of the professional organist. They are modelled after traditional mechanical action keyboards, faithfully reproducing their characteristic touch and feel.

The 61 note keyboards are manufactured from superior quality woods such as ebony, boxwood, and seasoned fir. When playing these premium keyboards, the precision, comfortable resistance, clean release and quality of manufacture are immediately appreciated.

The superior quality of design and materials, together with careful manufacture, strongly enriches the traditional aesthetic and prestige of Ahlborn-Galanti Organs.


Proprietary DRAKE™ Processor

The AG3200 is powered by DRAKE™, a dramatic new & proprietary technology developed by Generalmusic.

DRAKE™ is the most advanced digital processor ever created by our engineers. This revolutionary technology enables the AG3200 to perform with astonishing reality.

The remarkable results of Ahlborn-Galanti’s technology stem from its unique ability to digitally capture the complex sounds of actual wind-blown pipes, onsite, in their American and European church & cathedral environments.

Generalmusic’s engineering division developed Ahlborn-Galanti DRAKE™ technology & permits selected pipe ranks to be digitally recorded, pipe-by-pipe, on-site in their natural acoustic settings. Experienced digital sound engineers who work closely with pipe organ artists process these recordings. They derive the information necessary to faithfully reproduce the actual pipe sounds & store that information in the organ’s memory so that it can be played back digitally at the organist’s command.

Innovation with Flexibility of Control

The AG3200 offers unprecedented options when it comes to obtaining the maximum use of the high level of technology built into each instrument.

Most features can be access through both the patented Interactive Programmer™ or the on-board display panel.

Selection of alternative stops is made by simply pressing the required stop on the console. The name of the active stop is immediately shown in the display screen and can be easily changed, even while playing, by selecting the up or down arrows.

Building your own personal specification is done through the display screen or Interactive Programmer™. Continuing the innovative tradition of Ahlborn-Galanti, the Interactive Programmer™, enables remote operation of the organ including disk-play features.


Unique Stop Expression

The AG3200 has independent Swell & Choir expression shoes with adjustable range & mode. Other expression features include Great & Pedal volume sliders with digital readout, stop by stop expression, programmable Great & Pedal enclosed (may be saved to a stop list), All swells to swell.

For example, some of the stops of the Choir/ Positive division could be enclosed as a Choir division, while the remaining stops could be unenclosed as in a Positive division.

Expression Mode offers the organist a choice of Mechanical or 8 stage Pneumatic Swell shades. The adjustable range of the expression shoe along with the Mode is especially helpful when combining the AG3200 with a pipe organ. In this way, the digital ranks will respond in the same way as the pipe ranks respond to the swell shades.


Advanced Combination Action

The AG3200 has an impressive 25 levels of memory with 20 General pistons, 8 Divisional pistons for the manuals & 4 divisional pistons for the pedal. Should you require more than 500 General pistons, an unlimited number may be accessed via the internal HD floppy drive!

In addition to saving registrations, pistons can also transmit MIDI program changes, including MSB/LSB enabling easy patch control of external devices.

The AG3200 has a complete complement of lighted Toe Studs, including a 32’ reversible, MIDI sustain, TUTTI & a 500 STAGE Piston Sequencer™.

The 500 STAGE Piston Sequencer allows an organist to record a sequence of piston changes, General or Divisional regardless of the memory level.

Special Features

Solo Coupler
This performance feature enables an organist to play a registration on the Great keyboard & to additionally have the highest note “soloed” out on a stop from the Swell or Choir /Positive division. The solo can be played in the same octave, one octave above or one octave below & is user programmable from C3-C6.

Sub & Super Couplers
“Celesting” stops of the Swell & Choir /Positive divisions can be played at 3 octaves simultaneously (16, 8 & 4) with the use of the Super and Sub Couplers. In addition, these selected stops may also be coupled to other divisions at these pitches.

Choir Positive off Choir /Positive
This performance feature enables the organist to isolate selected solo stops of the Choir /Positive while permitting all other stops of the Choir /Positive to couple to other divisions.

For example: All divisions can be coupled to the Great while the Festival Trumpet alone plays on the Choir /Positive manual.

Powerful Unique Feature Set

Interactive Stop Lists™ that allow for Multiple Organ Specifications to be chosen by the organist. These are not factory set and may be changed in advance, between pieces or even while playing.

Powerful New Proprietary DRAKE™ Processor that enables very fast access to Interactive Stop Lists™ without cumbersome function changes.

376 Independently Voiceable Stops.

500 Stage Piston Sequencer.

Advanced Channelling Features

Changing speaker configurations can be simply done by changing one of the 4 channel rocker tablets on the console. Any Stop may be programmed to any output channel.

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