The Factotum is a new sound support system designed to be used in areas where the musicians are performing.
For example, a church may have a pipe organ in the balcony and a digital piano down in front of the church. Perhaps there is a cantor and guitar player also participating. With a 6 channel mixer standard, Factotum has two satellite speakers, each with an 8” speaker, tweeter and a 60 watt amplifier. The sub-woofer cabinet has a 10” speaker and a 140 watt amplifier.

The amplifier is housed in the woofer cabinet. As mentioned before, a 6 channel mixer is also included. All speakers conveniently pack together with an attachable handle making it easy to carry for activities such as outdoor services.

The Factotum is a very flexible amplification designed to function as an support system for church musicians using digital pianos, guitars and other instruments.
With the Micromix Mixer included, Factotum allows for individual volume and tone adjustment of the pianist, cantor and instrumentalists. Factotum should be placed in the area of the musical activity so members of the congregation perceive the sound to come from the area where the musicians are playing.

For those churches that hold outdoor services at certain times or have special events, Factotum is easily portable.

Magnificent performance is achieved through Two Satellites containing 2 X 60 watt RMS Amplifiers and a 120 watt Sub-Woofer, a Mixer with 2 Mono and 2 Stereo Channels and an 18-bit Digital Effects Processor (DSP).

Technical Specifications

Satellites - NonAmplified 60 Watt RMS Speaker (max. peak 100 Watt RMS) with 8" midrange speaker and 8 Ohm horn tweeter.
Dimensions: 9 3/4" x 13" x 6 1/3"
Connection: Mono Jack
Optional: Microphone Stand Adaptor

SubWoofer - Box with amplifier 140 Watts RMS speaker (max. peak 150 Watt RMS) with 10" woofer and 8 Ohm-1 Watt, 1 mt 101 dB horn tweeter.
Dimensions: 22 4/5" x 15 3/4" x 13 1/3"
Connection: Already Internally Interconnected

Power Amplifier - Comprising 1 amplifier with bridge connection of 140 watts total, plus 2 mono amplifiers of 60 watts each for Satellite.
Input Sensitivity: 775 mV, 1KHz
Power: 140 Watts RMS for SubWoofer, 60 + 60 Watt RMS for Satellites
Frequency Response: 20 - 200 Hz for SubWoofer, 200 Hz - 20 KHz for Satellites
Signal/Disturbance Ratio: >98 dB
Power Supply: AC 115V/60 Hz
Distortion: >0.2% - 1 KHz

Total Dimensions: 2 2/5" x 24" x 13 1/5"
Total Weight: 62 lbs.

MicroMix: - Installed in the Factotum
Tone Controls: Bass 80 Hz +/-12 dB, Middle 80 Hz +/-12 dB, High 8000 Hz +/-12 dB.
Mic. Gain Range Input Sensitivity: -10/-60 dB (Balanced Inputs)
Mic. Input Impedance: = 12 K Ohm
Line Gain Range Input Sensitivity: +10/-20 dB (Unbalanced Inputs)
Line Input Impedance: = 10 K Ohm
Line Output Sensitivity: +6 dB (Max.)
Output Impedance: +/-600 Ohm (Balanced), 300 Ohm (Unbalanced)
Return Connector Input Sensitivity: 775 mV
Input Impedance: 22 K Ohm
Send Connector Output Sensitivity: 0 dB
Output Impedance: 10 K Ohm
Headphone Impedance: 8 -2000 Ohm
Signal/Disturbance Ratio: >98 dB
Distortion: <0.2% 1 KHz
Power Supply from Amp

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