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3 Allen Organ Utility Speaker 


Leslie slow speed O-Ring drive 

      Model 122, standard size O-Ring            Model 222, Large 222 O-Ring
2 O-Rings for $3.00, 2 O-Rings for $4.00
(Price includes mailing costs, for both sizes, VT add 6% tax)
Antique Reed Organ pedal straps

2 straps, 4 feet long, $5.00 plus mailing cost

Bass Channel Addition to Two Channel Organ as seen in the 
Viscount Dealer Advisory, Feb. 2006

* See details below
* Crossover Detail listing

This crossover module is designed to enhance the bass sound on organs that have 32’ and 16’ Bass pedal voices.
Instead of using just the standard two channel output to external speaker systems, this unit gives you a true, third channel,|
just as the larger organs use in their outputDesigned to be completely isolated from the organ, it has a built in power supply
that needs only to be connected to house power, 120VAC, just as remote amplifiers use on the external speaker systems.
Input signal to the crossover unit is completely isolated,
and this prevents loading down the output signal from the organ to the external amplifiers. Both input lines
and the bass output line, come with female RCA in-line jacks for easy connection. A true ground is supplied
by the three-wire 120VAC power plug. Audio signal ground is completed by connection to the organ output channels wiring.
Noise level is so low, that it is immeasurable. Output is designed to handle 16 HZ of low “C” pedal at the 32’ pitch,
up to the 150HZ of the 16’ high end of the pedal board, where the left and right channel pick up the pedal output.
Give any two-channel organ the needed third channel that adds the bass presence to the smaller units.
The simple connection to existing two channel organ systems, also gives you an upgrade possibility in existing installations,
with minimal wiring changes.
All you add is the crossover unit, an additional amplifier for the bass channel,
and an additional speaker cabinet for the bass channel.

All crossover units are warranted for one year against defects.

Bass Crossover Unit

The 150 HZ crossover is designed to totally eliminate any load on the signal from the organ output to the normal external amplifiers.
This was done to facilitate connection to any, and all, organ output panels, where there are left and right channel output jacks.
This unit gives an added bass channel to the normally used left and right channel organs.

The crossover unit is a complete system. It has a built-in power supply, and needs only four connections
to be integrated into the standard organ external amp and speaker system.
Add a new amplifier and speaker cabinet for the new bass channel, and you have a much-improved sound.

Connections required:

1- A three-wire plug is provided for connection to the switched 120 VAC, used to power the amplifiers
in the external speaker system.
2- Connections to the left and right channel output of the organ using two RCA female “Y” connectors,
*(supplied) as the standard inputs. PLEASE NOTE: Both inputs to the crossover unit,
(left and right channels) must be connected to an input signal at all times.
3- Connection to the new bass amplifier and subwoofer using an RCA female in-line jackas an output
connection. *(A male-to-male RCA cable is supplied.)


1- Balanced input, so the source of the bass signal is equal from both channels, and is separate
from any console speaker settings that may be available on some organs. The bass channel
will track any output levels deviations that are done to the left and right channels.

2- A level adjustment is provided to set the bass volume to match the left and right channel output settings.

3- Crossover unit has four ears for ease of mounting with screws, either inside the console, or at a remote
locationwhere the amplifiers are located.

4- Connection diagram and instructions are supplied.


The crossover unit comes wired with a 120VAC, three wire plug, for direct connection the power strip or outlet
that supplies the remote amplifier power in the left and right channel sound system.
Noise shielding is done through the ground plug of this 120VAC, so DO NOT cut the third prong,
(green wire), as it will cause an adverse effect on the sound of the unit.


The crossover comes with three RCA female in line jacks, white for the left channel in, red for the right channel in,
and gray for the bass channel output to the bass amp and speaker.
These RCA jacks are used as most of the amplifiers used in remote applications have RCA inputs.

The wiring kit includes two “Y” RCA intercept cables. Unplug the input feed cable to the left amp input,
and place the “Y” cable between the feed cable and the amplifier.
(Male and female RCA connections on the “Y” cable make this a simple plug in procedure)
Do the same “Y” cable installation with the right channel amplifier.

Both “Y” cables have one male RCA plug unused at this time. Insert these male RCA plugs into the red and white
crossover female RCA input jacks. This completes the input connections.

The crossover has a gray female RCA jack for the output. In the wiring kit, there is an RCA male-to-male cable,
which will connect the output of the crossover unit to the new Bass Amplifier and speaker cabinet
that will be required as new equipment to add this channel to the organ.
Connect this crossover output to the amp, and connect the amp to speaker cabinet.
This completes the installation of the crossover unit.

Crossover Order Form

Fill out the form below and send a Company check, a Bank Check, or a postal money order to:

Harmony House
53 Baxter Street
Rutland, VT 05701

(Dealer Discount available. Please call for information.)

Please include the following information:

Company Name ___________________________________
Attn: ____________________________________
Address ____________________________________
City, State, Zip ____________________________________

Business phone # (_____) ______ ________
E-mail address ____________________________________

Important: these next three lines must be filled out to insure proper wiring kit with crossover unit
Sales Representative for this product___________________
To be used on which Organ brand_____________________
(determines the connector kit)

Number of crossover units ordered _________________________
*(Wiring kit included with each unit)
Cost per unit $365.00

Total Cost for units _________________________
(Mailing cost per unit included)

Vermont Businesses, add 6% tax, _________________________
or send copy of Sales Tax Exempt
form with the order

Total cost of the order enclosed _________________________

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